Perspectiva da Perseguição, 2019

Perspective of Persecution is a dystopian thriller on surveillance inspired by Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon.

The idea of surveillance runs through the concept of panopticism, which was an architectural project for a prison; however, this surveillance model becomes more fluid, more flexible, thus taking several other places. The panopticon translates into an obsession with total visibility.

Foucault’s analysis of Bentham’s architectural project, the panopticon, is also essential for our meetings. These three elements, in turn, plague (disciplinary technology), leprosy (confinement), panopticon (surveillance), are related to the technologies of power. Such technologies, too, exercise their power through space, architecture; there is the control of bodies and space.

With panopticism, the dungeon's principle is reversed: lock it, give it light, give visibility. As Foucault said, “visibility is a trap”. The panopticon produces a homogeneous effect of power. When accessing social networks, you are also continually being monitored.

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