Wireless, 2021

from the series The Wireless Anatomy of Man

Archives are historical records related to individuals or communities. They allow us to build knowledge by referencing the past but are tied down to narratives created within the structures in which they function. 

The selection of information and its constant recontextualisation structure the present and construct the future. Drawing on the past can sometimes be problematic and perpetuate rotten structures. What if we no longer want our past to dictate our future? What could an archive of the future bring us? 

The concept of future holds the unknown. It allows for new ways of thinking that are not bound to old structures; it leaves room for change that would otherwise have been unimaginable until now. 

This piece opens up a portal to reflect on the function of an archive. It is a visual research on how the future can be shown and still remain distant from our reality.


Wireless is part of the exhibition Visual Currency (May 26th until July 20th, 2021), made in response to the new Gallery of Honor of the The Nederlands Fotomuseum. The exhibition takes place on the threshold of the museum, where the work were projected onto the windows, becoming visible after sunset.

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